In cooperation with the Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality, our faculty will organize an international symposium titled “Imam Birgivi A Muslim Scholar Of Islam From Balikesir” between 19-21 October 2018 in Balıkesir.

This symposium aims to examine his family, education, the tasks he carried, to analyse his books and tractates at international level and share his ideas with the scientific world of Muhammed b. Pîr Ali b. İskender (Death. 981/1573) who was also known as İmam Birgivi as he spent last ten years of his life in Birgi village of Ödemiş town as a lecturer and died there. He is in fact from Balıkesir (Muhammed Çelebi el-Balıkesirî) and he has been among XVI century Ottoman period Islamic scholars.

Some of his works were taught in the Ottoman medieval madrasahs for centuries as a textbook, and the works of Tarikat-i Muhammediye and Vasiyetnâme (Risale-i Birgivi) have gained fame among the Muslims in the Ottoman borders.

Vasiyetname (Testament) which he had written in Turkish for easy understanding of the people is also the first religious book that was taught the military forces as a religious text book in the Ottoman period and was published in the printing press.

In this symposium,   his years in Balıkesir where he was born and grew up, in Istanbul where he studied, in Edirne who was a civil servant, and in Birgi where he served as a teacher and buried in Birgi, his attitude towards bid‘at (innovations) and superstitions, his attitude towards the state stages and the moral decay will be tried to be revealed.

Another issue to be dealt with the identification and assessment of Birgivi’s influence in the period of his existence and the following centuries of Ottoman / Islamic geography and todays Turkey.

For more and detailed information and to apply the symposium please visit birgivisempozyumu.balikesir.edu.tr

We kindly invite all researchers to visit this page and we would like to express our honour to welcome you in Balikesir

Professor Dr. Mehmet BAYYİĞİT

Balikesir University, Dean of the Faculty of Theology